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3 min readMar 19, 2022


From the moment Facebook unveiled Meta during the connect 2021, everyone is trying to form an image of a metaverse in their mind. It’s not surprising because everyone believes that metaverse is the future, and everyone wants a peek into it.

But before jumping on to form a vision of the metaverse, let’s revisit — what a metaverse is?

What Is Metaverse

Metaverse is a concept of virtual online space in which you can socialize, play, host virtual events, and even work. You are assigned a virtual Avatar through which you do all this stuff using AR/VR technology.

Due to improvement in AR/VR technology and push from Tech-giants like Meta(before Facebook), we are ready to form a rough vision of what it may look like.

Vision Of Metaverse


Gaming is the first thing that resembles the vision of Metaverse. All the progress of AR/VR technology was possible only because of gaming. Gaming as of now is very realistic in the case of graphics and performance. The only thing that is lacking in such games is an immersive experience and it will be possible through the Metaverse.


After the pandemic hit, the only way we have to socialize was through screens. It was a good alternative for some time, but eventually, we realize its limitations. In the metaverse though, we can socialize in a 3D manner through our avatars and in a more creative manner. We can also show our NFTs and even play virtual games making it much more experienced and fulfilling.


Other than socialization, we also used these screens for doing a lot of work. In the metaverse, you will be able to work and do meetings through your headset. Not only it will provide a better experience but also ease the collaboration.


NFTs will play a huge role to personalize both the gaming and social aspect of Metaverse.

In the case of gaming, all the in-game rewards will be in the form of NFTs. These NFTs will have utility in-game, and if they are rare then they will also hold real-world value.

In the case of socialization, you can flex your NFTs in front of your friends. NFTs will also be a great way to personalize the virtual space you live in and make it yours.

Role Of Aurora In Metaverse

Aurora Dimension is a virtual world that is unique and tries to make the metaverse vision a reality.

Aurora Dimension is a virtual world that is unique and tries to make the metaverse vision a reality.

For enriching the social aspect of Metaverse, Aurora has an NFT centered marketplace. It will become easier for anyone to trade NFTs and personalize their virtual space.

The gaming space of Aurora is the best part of it. Aurora allows you to monetize every second you play in Aurora Dimension through NFTs. Here, you can create, win and own NFTs that are rare sometimes. As they are rare, they hold real-world value.

The vision of metaverse is evolving, but with projects like Aurora Dimension, we are already getting a rough picture of what our future is going to look like. People are still ambivalent about metaverse, but as the vision of Metaverse becomes clearer, more people will join in.

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