Present Metaverse Market And How Aurora Will Capture The Metaverse Economy

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4 min readMar 31, 2022


Metaverse was just a science fiction concept a few years back. With Facebook rebranding itself to Metaverse, it has become a well-known term.

Metaverse as we all know is a concept of a virtual place to socialize, play, even host events and meetings. With all the noise around, we can be sure that the Metaverse is going to be a topic of discussion for a long time.

But to understand whether it’s going to be a part of our daily life or not. We have to understand the status of Metaverse now, and then we can understand its progress towards the future and how Aurora will play a role in it?

Current Status Of Metaverse


Metaverse is not a new term and has existed in the vocabulary for a long time now. In the case of gaming, it is quite popular and games like Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite are regularly holding virtual events. Even if people are not wearing VR headsets, they are still a part of Metaverse i.e. the virtual space inside the game. This shows that gaming is an important part of the future of Metaverse.

Additionally, the virtual events in gaming are bringing a social aspect to the metaverse. Along with pandemic pushing online activities, metaverse will provide an immersive social experience.

Social Aspect

Due to the pandemic, everyone had to rely on video conferencing software or discord to meet and collaborate. It is close to the concept of Metaverse because everyone is interacting in a virtual space but lacks the immersive experience.

With the upcoming VR technology though, we are looking towards a future where online interaction will be close to real life.

But, with every upcoming technology, there are some problems associated with it. Aurora Dimension is trying to solve these problems and build a vision of the metaverse.

How Aurora will capture Metaverse

Aurora is trying to build a unique Metaverse for everyone to enjoy.

Capturing The Gaming Space

In the case of gaming, for people to play in Metaverse they must be given an incentive to do so. Without any incentive, it will be hard for people to adapt to such a model. Through its Play-2-Earn model, Aurora players get to unlock NFTs that have a value of their own. It gives the players a chance to monetize every second they play in Aurora Dimension.

Capturing The Social Aspect

For socializing in a virtual space the biggest problem is — the environment. In a zoom call, you don’t have to build a new environment to make it feel real. For Metaverse though, a realistic environment is necessary. To personalize such an environment, you require digital assets that you can own and show in the metaverse.

Having a digital asset is not a problem but keeping that digital asset secure in a virtual world is an issue. That’s why Aurora offers all its assets in the form of NFTs. NFTs are digital assets whose ownership is secured by blockchain. So, no one can take your ownership away as it is proved by blockchain. Even in the virtual world, you can keep them to personalize your metaverse environment.

Blockchain technology offers Peer-to-peer or P2P transfer which means you can transfer NFTs directly. It gives all the power to you as there is no intermediary to mediate the transfer.


In this way, Aurora Dimension is solving problems that limit the growth of Metaverse. Solving problems is a huge growth pedal for Metaverse as it brings confidence to the people. Aurora dimension brings this confidence to capture the metaverse and shape its economy.

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