Challenges in Metaverse

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3 min readApr 12, 2022

Whenever a technological revolution happens, it comes with a set of problems to deal with. One such revolution we are living in right now is the possibility of the Metaverse. It is not a buzzword anymore and is a considerable way to live in the future.

As much as people are excited about the Metaverse, the Metaverse must solve the set of problems such technology can possess. Only then it can have the potential to become a consumer-ready technology.

Even though these challenges are tough, they are not unsolvable. Let’s try to understand some of them and How Aurora is solving them.

Ownership Of Assets

In the metaverse, everything a person owns will be in a digital form. So, it becomes an utmost priority to make sure that all digital assets are safe. Digital assets build up the world of Metaverse and if it’s not safe from cyberattack, then it’s a challenge to the whole idea of Metaverse.

The Economy Of Metaverse

People are becoming aware of the vision that a Metaverse represents. But looking a little closer, people will understand that Metaverse needs a system of value exchange. If there is no economy built-in metaverse of its own, then there will be no value exchange. In such a case metaverse limit itself due to a lack of marketplace and utility.


For Metaverse to be adopted by everyone out there, the biggest challenge is to make it easier for people to enter. This is the first and the foremost problem to solve given the price of AR/VR technology. Incentives in any form can be a booster to the adoption of such technologies.

How Aurora Is Facing The Challenge

The Aurora dimension is a unique virtual universe. It is trying to solve the potential problems people can face while adopting Metaverse. By solving such problems, they aim to shape the economy of the meta-universe and support the metaverse.

To make sure everyone owns their assets, Aurora wants every digital asset in their world to be NFT. In this way, it can be owned securely due to blockchain. This makes sure a person doesn’t worry about his assets in the virtual world and owns more of the metaverse.

To build an economy of Metaverse, Aurora also has its coin of exchange and an NFT Marketplace as well. This will make sure a smooth exchange of items takes place like in the real world we live in. All the exchanges are P2P or peer to peer so that a central authority doesn’t have any role in the transfer. It ensures a secure, fast and cheap transfer.

For more people to join the metaverse, Aurora offers P2E or Play to earn. This is crucial as many people are getting into crypto because of play to earn games like Axie Infinity. Similarly, it can incentivize people to come forward and join Metaverse. As more people will join, the metaverse community will thrive as a result.

The metaverse is the future and through facing challenges relevant to people and the metaverse, we are one step closer to this future. By dealing with such challenges, Aurora will become a strong platform for a community-driven Aurora Dimension to thrive.

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