Aurora Token
3 min readJan 21, 2022


A metaverse is a shared, immersive virtual world in which players, usually represented by avatars, can interact with each other, construct experiences, and create in-world objects and landscapes. Metaverses typically have their own intrinsic economies and currencies, with which users can buy, sell, and trade digital real estate, items, avatar accessories, and more. You can experience the metaverse via a computer, virtual reality (VR) headset, or smartphone.

While fiat currency is excellent for carrying out everyday transactions in the physical world, the virtual world needs its own currency. That’s where crypto comes in- an entirely anonymous form of digital currency that allows you to buy anything you want in your metaverse, just as you can do in the physical world.

Crypto Currency is the pillar of our financial transactions in the metaverse. Using crypto currency you can buy or sell anything you want, from a virtual painting, to a virtual apartment and even a virtual Taylor Swift concert ticket! The Aurora token digital currency is similar to other assets such as gold and silver, and can be mined with computing power. Aurora’s mission is to bring together — The meme token lovers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Aurora is the utility token specifically designed for the Metaverse and simultaneously developing technologies. Along with that Aurora is developing the Aurora Dimension — a one-stop destination for building and buying virtual assets, estates, lands, and more.

It will also have a Virtual-reality platform which is built on Binance smartchain and empowers the users to create, build and monetize their virtual experiences with NFTs and P2E.

The concept of virtual world and gaming is gaining immense popularity developing economies like the Philippines and Ghana, one can earn more than the respective countries minimum wages just by playing these games. Aurora is trying to implement this concept of P2E with more transparency and adding in more opportunities.

The metaverse could be worth up to $30 trillion in a decade. Aurora is putting in the best efforts to building the decentralized yet the safe metaverse ecosystem. The metaverse is an alternate real world and the idea of putting it into the users hands needs a great currency and ecosystem. Aurora is one such project that’s catching the eyes of investors who are engaged into the metaverse.








Aurora Token

AURORA is a hyper-deflationary token which is 100% driven by the community