Aurora Token
3 min readJan 8, 2022


Aurora is a metaverse virtual world where it gives the users the miraculous experiences including adventure, thrilling pleasures, and excitements along with the monetary benefits.

We are living in the day and age of the constant technological advancements. After the invention of internet, the next big thing in the history of inventions is the blockchain. People are still in the stage of getting used to the idea of it and adapting to it and some clever organizations are already on the path of exploring various ways of incorporating blockchain for the benefit of human kind.

Aurora is based on the Binance smart chain. Aurora comprises of the huge virtual world, augmented reality, virtual reality and a shared virtual 3D space connecting all the social, gaming, shopping, research, education, and financial projects for interaction and interrelations.

Huge internet empires like Facebook have turned to metaverse and still counting. It provides the users with thrilling entertainment long with the financial gains. The cryptocurrency of the Aurora is Aurora token. Win at your heart content along with playing the most exciting games.

Satellite NFTs can be bought through the AURORA market and have annual percentage rate (APR) rewards.

The launching of the Aurora project is completely fair and gives equal opportunity to all without pre-sales or private placements. It had opted for a stealth launch. Initial liquidity ensures the security of the Aurora token.

Mission of Aurora: Aurora aims to outperform all the meme coins like Shib, Doge, Safemoon that it adores with the new improved transaction speeds.

Aurora visions to bridge between Binance and Doge community, and the NFT market. Building a large meme community is what the motivation to work hard day in and day out. Aurora will build 100 Binance charity schools all over the world.

Aurora has unlimited gaming. You can play with your clan or alone at your comfort zone! For example, there are racing games on moons and extraterrestrial lands, shooting games inside abandoned spaceships and bases, spaceships to fly throughout the metaverse and other solar systems and complete missions, space stations to be captured, defended, or used for supplies. All types of games ranging from adventure, and action to education are included. All games will be connected and accessible through the market in the ‘Play’ section, which links directly to the metaverse.

The core doctrine of AURORA: To perform the projects fair and just to all the users, maintain sustainably to benefit everyone.

The metaverse and gameplay are interconnected. Every user affects every player’s environment and economy in various ways. Inside the station, you will be able to access activities available throughout the game. Additionally, there are areas of entertainment shops, educational facilities etc. The station will constantly expand as new regions are made available to players. There can be multiple hubs in varying sizes across the universe. The freedom to adventure and play as you choose will create a diverse and dynamic universe that is always interactive allowing players to cooperate or compete for resources. You may set out on your journey as a lone wolf pilot or team up with others to achieve more meaningful goals for better rewards, or perhaps engage in player versus player battle and activities. AURORA forms a social and commercial meeting space for everyone.

AURORA is launched lighting up the world for the endless possibilities that one can acquire from thrilling amazing experiences to financial rewards and nonstop incredible fun. The future of the metaverse is here and be the first to perceive them!



Aurora Token

AURORA is a hyper-deflationary token which is 100% driven by the community