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3 min readApr 19, 2022


Whenever we invoke the word “Metaverse”, one image that comes up in our mind is of people wearing VR headsets. It is predictable because the closest proximity we have to Metaverse is VR technology.

Metaverse is not entirely dependent on VR though. One more technology among us is going to play a bigger role in bringing this transformation of Metaverse from a concept to reality, and that’s Augmented Reality.

We are already using AR technology in various forms on Snapchat lenses and games like “Pokemon Go”. They are not just a fun intersection of digital entities and the real world but an important gateway to enter the Metaverse.

But, before we understand its viability as a gateway to Metaverse — let’s understand what AR technology is?

AR Technology

Augmented reality or AR can be defined as an upgraded version of reality through the integration of digital elements. These digital elements could be video, images, sounds, or a mix of all.

The closest example we can imagine of AR is Snapchat lenses — which are a fun way to show digital avatars in real locations.

AR technology is considered a gateway to Metaverse due to the advantages it offers over VR. Let’s explore some of them.

Easy Integration Into Life

Whenever we talk about Metaverse, we understand it as some different world to enter. Although the vision is correct yet it is far-fetched. A person will be much more comfortable in his house with people joining the same environment. It’s an easy option for people who are not easily convinced of the concept of entering a new world. All this is possible through AR technology instead of VR.

AR is also more accessible as it requires fewer resources to run than a VR and not even a heavy headset in some cases. It will be a major step to increase the adoption of such technology at a rapid rate.

Multiple Use-cases

AR is also gaining a lot of popularity due to its immediate use cases. It can be used to transform the educational and social aspects of our life.

In the education sector, it can be a way to teach things like the Solar system, as it takes visualization level from 2D to 3D. It will be a learning advantage for everyone out there as we build more models like these to educate people.

We are already using AR technology in Snapchat as a way to pose our digital identity in the real world. As time goes by such activities will increase to make it more collaborative. We will be playing games that won’t need your physical presence but the presence of your digital avatar. It will be a new paradigm of social interaction we haven’t experienced before.

Metaverse And Aurora

Aurora is a unique virtual universe for people to enjoy. With the rapid adoption of AR technology, we are moving close to Metaverse as a reality. The immediate problems to solve in Metaverse will be digital assets and the economy of the Metaverse.

Aurora is solving these problems by shaping the economy of metaverse and NFTs. They are also building a Metaverse-centered NFT marketplace with aurora token of exchange.

These steps are taken for people to adopt Metaverse smoothly. With rise in AR, it is inevitable for Metaverse to be commercialized and adopted by everyone. Aurora is investing in this world and building a world of opportunities for everyone.

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